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Forex history

Forex history

Did you know that more and more business opportunity seekers worldwide are
discovering the powerful profit potential of Foreign Exchange trading? In this
business, there are no employees to hire, no advertising, no products to stock,
no downlines to fill--just you, an Internet connection and a computer. That's all
you need to make money on the worlds largest market. If you are searching for
an alternative to more traditional home-based business opportunities, then Forex
trading may be what you’ve been looking for.
Our purpose is to empower, mentor and train currency traders all around the
world who would like to Day Trade Forex as their main source of income. For
those looking for a significant part-time income, we believe Currency Trading is
the vehicle to use. Our aim is to assist you to:
1. Stay Disciplined—To learn how to manage risk effectively.
2. Keep Objective—To trade in a non-emotional, intelligent way.
3. Trade with Confidence—To know exactly when to trade.
4. Become Systematic—To generate your own Forex buy/sell signals.

Currency exchange is very attractive for both the corporate and individual
traders who make money on the Forex - a special financial market assigned for
the foreign exchange. The following features make this market different in
compare to all other sectors of the world financial system:
• heightened sensibility to a large and continuously changing number of
• accessibility to all traders in the major currencies;
• guaranteed quantity and liquidity of the major currencies;
• increased consideration for several currencies, round-the clock
business hours which enable traders to deal after normal hours or during
national holidays in their country finding markets abroad open and
• extremely high efficiency relative to other financial markets.
This goal of this manual is to introduce beginning traders to all the
essential aspects of foreign exchange in a practical manner and to be a source of
best answers on the typical questions as why are currencies being traded, who are
the traders, what currencies do they trade, what makes rates move, what
instruments are used for the trade, how a currency behavior can be forecasted and
where the pertinent information may be obtained from. Mastering the content of
an appropriate section the user will be able to make his/her own decisions, test
them, and ultimately use recommended tools and approaches for his/her own

Forex info

forex Info

Before we begin looking at the specifics of the FPS and how it works, let’s look at
4 building blocks that I believe to be foundations to the Forex Profit System.

Foundation #1: Currency Trading is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.

Currency trading is a SKILL that takes TIME to learn. Skilled Traders
can and do make money in this field, however like any other occupation or
career, success doesn’t just happen overnight. Here is a great ‘formula’
for success:
Practice + Patience + Persistence = Profits
As they say, there is no substitute for hard work and diligence. Practice
trading on a demo account and pretend the virtual money is your own real
money. Do not open a live trading account until you are profitable
trading on a demo account. Stick to the plan and you can be

Foundation #2: I highly recommend that you follow 1 or maybe 2 major currency pairs.

It gets far too complicated to keep tabs on all four. I also recommend that
traders choose one of the majors because the spread is the best and they
are the most liquid. The Euro/USD is the most commonly traded pair and
usually has the best ‘spread’ because of its liquidity. The USD/Swiss Franc is
usually the most volatile and moves the most during the trading week. The
USD/Yen moves a lot on the news out of Japan and normally the Pound
Sterling/USD is more stable in it’s moves than the other three.

Foundation #3: Follow and understand the daily Forex News and Analysis of the
professional currency analysts.

Even though this system is based solely on technical analysis of charts, it is
important to get a birds-eye view of the currency markets and the news that
affects the prices. It is also important that you know and understand what the
key technical ‘support’ and ‘resistance’ levels are in the currency pair that you
want to trade. Support is a predicted level to buy (where currency pair should
move up on the charts), resistance is a predicted level to sell (where the
currency pair should move down on the charts).
Fortunately, all the best Forex news and analysis is offered free on the
Internet. Here is what you should do first:
*While you are reading the daily news and technical analysis, write
down on a piece of paper what direction the analysts are saying
about the major currency pair you are following and the key support
and resistance levels for the day.

A. Go to and you will find 24hr news and analysis on
the spot FX markets. The site will give you the big picture of how the
economic calendar and central banks affect the currency markets. A
great resource.

B. Then go to and click on the ‘Top Forex Reports’. Here
there is a wonderful listing of all the major daily currency analysis and
forecasts with support and resistance and direction forecasts.

C. Click on and go to ‘Today’s Market Research’ and
there you will find more excellent analysis on the Major Currency pairs.
Another great Forex Portal.

Foundation #4: Learn how to use the technical indicators in this course and
always trade with stop losses!

It is worth your time to be patient and learn how to use the technical
indicators on the charts that you will be reading about shortly.

6 It is important when you are trading Forex, to be disciplined and to stick to
a plan. Don’t just trade your ‘gut’ feeling. Use the technical indicators
outlined and always enter in stop losses on every trade. Remember that
everyone who trades has a different tolerance for losses. Depending on
your risk capital, and strategy, set your stop losses accordingly.

Forex info1

Forex info : Six Steps to Success

Step 1. Choose an online Forex Firm
What to look for in an online Forex Firm:

1. Low Spreads.
In Forex Trading the ‘spread’ is the difference between the buy and
sell price of any given currency pair. The lower the spread saves
the trader money. Most firms offer 4-5 pip spreads in the Major
Currency pairs. The best firms offer clients 3-5 pips.

2. Low minimum account openings.
For those that are new to trading, and for those that don’t have
thousands of dollars in risk capital to trade, being able to open a
mini trading account with only $200 is a great feature for new

3. Instant automatic execution of your orders.
This is very important when choosing a Forex firm. You want instant
execution of your orders and the price you see and ‘click’ is the price
that you should get. Don’t settle with a firm that re-quotes you when
you click on a price or a firm that allows for price ‘slippage’. This is
very important when trading for small profits.

4. Free charting and technical analysis
You need a firm that gives you access to the best charting and technical
analysis available to active traders. The firm that I recommend gives
clients FREE professional charting services and even allows traders to
trade directly on the charts!

5. High Leverage
You want high leverage—the ability to trade a large amount with a small
margin deposit. Some of the best firms offer .25% or 400:1 leverage.

6. Hedging Capability
You want the flexibility of opening positions on the same currency pair in
opposite directions without them eliminating each other and without
margin increase!

Forex info2

4. Forex info : Market hours

Time zone New york GMT

Tokyo open 7:00 PM 0:00
Tokyo close 4:00 AM 9:00

London open 3:00 AM 8:00
London close 12:00 PM 17:00

New york open 8:00 AM 13:00
New york close 5:00 PM 22.00

you can download qlock for accurat market hours

I hope this is usefull for everyone.

My trading accademy

Thanks broo ini mungkin sekedar share aja, siapa tau berguna buat kamu

Bisnis=Pekerjaan bisnis Valas (forex) merupakan bisnis yang paling besar dudunia, mengapa? karena sekarang tidak menutup kemungkinan Individual pun dapat berbisnis di bisnis ini dengan mudah dengan hanya bermodal uang min Rp 200.000/ $20 pebisnis kecil2an bisa berbisnis pada bisnis ini, yang membuat perdagangan ini besar, ingat manusia diseluruh dunia, bukan Indonesian people doank. jadi sangat wajar perputaran uang mencapai triliunan dollar. ok that is pendahuluan, sekarang to the point aja,agar seorang newbie trader dapat memperoleh keuntungan rutin (meski tidak besar) hanya dengan dirinya sendiri. kemauan untuk maju, ingin berubah, kerja keras, disiplin, selalu berintrospeksi akan berbuah suatu ilmu (pengalaman) yang sangat berharga. Ada beberapa point yang menurut saya pribadi sangat vital dampaknya bagi bisnis ini. Mengapa saya harus memberikan informasi seperti ini? tentu untuk mencoba memberikan pengetahuan yang telah saya dapatkan selama ini. Setiap manusia tidak akan pernah berhasil dan sukses tanpa dilandasi dengan kemauan, dan kerja keras untuk bisa, tapi bukan itu saja, keberhasilan yang baik juga harus ditunjang dengan menagment keuangan yang baik, disiplin diri, dan selalu mencari ilmu yang akan sangat kita butuhkan. Ingat broo keberhasilan tidak semudah membalikan tangan, juga tidak semulus kulit bayi,ga butuh suatu tekad baja untuk dapat meraihnya. Sebelum keberhasilan terjadi pada diri manusia kadang kala manusia akan terlebih dahulu mencicipi kepahitan, gagal, Rugi, Bangkrut merupakan pemandangan yang lumrah dilihat dalam bisnis forex. Disini lah sebenarnya mental serta penguasaan diri diuji, apa bila seseorang setelah setelah mengalami kerugian, kebangkrutan mampu untuk berintrospeksi, dan mencoba merenungkan apa sebenarnya yang telah ia lakukan yang menyebabkan ia bangkrut. Maka secara tak langsung ia sedang melakuka salah satu perubahan besar terhadap dirinya sendiri. Ada pun point2nya sebagai berikut:

1. Media Informasi
Informasi menjadi sebuah kebutuhan formal yang mutlak ada pada diri manusia, tanpa informasi kita tak akan bisa mendengar berita, melihat TV, tak tahu gosip dan lain2. Tidak terbayang bila kita tidak mengetahui informasi, betul tidak? Informasi pula yang membawa kita pada bisnis ini, kita search digoogle-kata kunci (forex)-muncul informasi2 yang kita butuhkan.

2. Media forex
Sebelum kita melakukan transaksi pada bisnis ini, kita memerlukan media forex untuk dapat menjalankan suatu transaksi ( kita mutlak harus mencari dan membaca media itu misalnya e-book, jangan anda kira tanpa bekal ilmu pengetahuan, anda akan memperoleh keuntungan. mustahil meski mungkin (kebetulan). dalam e-book terdapat materi/ilmu yang kita butuhkan dalam bertrading seperti tutorial penggunaan software, Menganalisa pergerakan harga, melakukan analisa, dll. bayangkan bila anda tidak tahu sama sekali tentang dasar2 forex. Apa yang sedang kamu lakukan!!! kamu bisa dianggap GILA boo. Banyak ilmu yang disediakan di e-book maupun media masa dan elektronik. Anda harus mempelajari semua aspek sebelum anda berniat terjun dalam bisnis ini.

3. Praktikum/latihan
Setelah kita memahami segala aspek tentang forex, maka hal yang harus kita lakukan adalah mencoba hasil yang telah kita resapi, cobalah dalam melakukan order transaksi, limit order, serta stop order dan apa fungsi masing2, cara memasang stop loss, take profit dan trailing stop, lakukan menganalisa pasar dengan fundamental serta teknikal analisa, dengan mencoba berbagai indikator yang telah disediakan (cari juga fungsi masing2 indikator), baca2 berita (news), lakukan dalam demo account selama 1 bulan (minimal)/anda bisa mencobanya dengan, live trading dengan lot yang sangat sedikit Rp 50 ingat tapi setelah anda faham. Jangan jemu2 untuk mencoba dan gagal (human error) dengan demikian kita bisa mengetahui apa yang seharusnya dilakukan. Perlu diingat Praktikum/latihan= belajar, belajar=mencari ilmu Ingat baik2 broo.

4. Jagalah keadaan psikologis kamu saat trading
Dalam trading valas terdapat suatu perbedaan yang sangat mencolok antara demo dan live trading. Penangulangan mental serta emosi menjadi berbedan karena saat itu pula pikiran dan perasaan mengatakan " wah minus 20 point apa yang harus saya lakukan, minus $5, demo sih gak pa2 tapi ini duit asli saya." ketakutan muncul pada saat itu, apa yang anda lakukanm anda menutup transaksi itu dengan kerugian, padahal ingat kebiasaan pasar, ia akan naik turun, tidak akan selamanya turun (pengalaman lah yang entar berbicara, tenang saja broo), Sebaliknya ketika transaksi anda profit hati berkata " wah tadi dah profit 20 pips/ $10 sekarang turun jadi $5, pasti ini strategy pasar, pasti akan naik lagi sebentar lagi" tapi tiba2 harga dengan hebat turun sehingga dari profit berubah menjadi loss, maka keserakahan menghampiri mu. itu lah musuh utama seorang trader. Mereka tidak tahu harus berbuat apa, pengalaman belum ia dapatkan. tenang saja, kamu akan mempunyai suatu pengalaman, karena kamu akan mulai introspeksi, kenapa itu bisa terjadi, maka pengalaman itu semakin banyak dan akan semakin mematangkan seorang trader. Dijamin

5. Mulai menjalankan time is money
Mulailah trading dengan hal positif (ber do'a) Lalu jalankan strategi kamu (sistem trading) yang telah terbukti (sebelumnya dipatenkan terlebih dahulu dalam demo account). jalankan dengan disiplin dan jalankan juga managment keuangan dengan tingkat risiko 2%-5%/ transaksi, pasang selalu stoploss (point tergantung dari tingkat risiko yang dipilih) setelah transaksi profit melampoi 20 pips, pasang segera trailing stop (stoploss yang dinaikan) minimal maksimal point profit, apabila profit terus bertambah, anda dapat menaikan lagi trailing stopnya (jangan terlalu ketat dalam memasang trailing, selalu berikan tempat agar chart bisa naik turun) anda bisa juga memasang take profit (optional). semoga berhasil

6. Pengalaman yang melimpah
Berbekal banyak human error yang didapat anda sudah memiliki pengalaman yang sangat melimpah ruah, Apabila hati anda terketuk, untuk berbagi pada sesama, maka bagikanlah pengalaman itu pada sesama/ bila anda ingin pula mendapatkan uang tambahan dengan menjual sistem yang anda peroleh, boleh saja brooo. dan anda pun siap menjadi sejarah baru dalam kehidupan keluarga anda, dan mungkin saja ilmu dan pengalaman anda akan diwariskan pada anak/cucu anda. Amin.........

Tips dalam trading

1. jangan melakukan transaksi dengan tebak-tebakan
2. Tidak memasang stoploss dan trailing stop
3. Sesuaikan time framenya sesuai dengan kemampuan trading anda
4. Tidak terlalu banyak melakukan transaksi pada banyak mata uang
5. Jangan membeli transaksi setengah dari modal anda
6. Jangan transaksi lagi apabila loss terus menerus
7. Jangan memaksakan tubuh anda, bila sudah tidak kuat
8. selalu mempunyai visi, dan misi
9. Selalu berprinsip berhasil pada hari ini, besok harus lebih baik dari hari ini
10. Jangan online lebih dari 5jam, lakukanlah perselangan jam (istirahat)
11. Jangan serakah, dan jangan terlalu takut
12. Jagalah kondisi jiwa ragamu

Selamat anda sudah menyelesaikan pembacaan pengalamanku pribadi, semoga dengan ini akan menambah inpirasi kamu dalam berbisnis ini. salam Forex insider

all right reserved 2007

Forex strategy

Famouse system strategi that professional trader used
I have copied that system from any forum forex

1. System name : Daily swing
Time Frame : 15 and 30 minute
Indicator : EMA 5
EMA 10
RSI 14
Stochastic 10,3,3

Buy signal if : EMA 5 Cross over and above EMA 10
RSI must above 50
Stochastic Turned up

Sell signal if : EMA 10 Cross over and above EMA 5
RSI must <50> 50
MACD Crossed and must >0

2. System name : MACD strategy
Time frame : 5 minut dan 15 minut
Indicator : WMA 5
WMA 13
Slow stochastic 8,3,3
RSI 13
MACD 3,34,7

Buy signal if : WMA 5 cross over and above WMA 13
stochastic turned up
RSI > 50
MACD Crossed and must >0

Sell signal if : WMA 13 cross over and above WMA 5
Stochastic turned down
RSI <50>
MACD Crossed and histogram <0 3. System name : chandlestick strategy did you know just the chart can tell you when to buy and sell with simple click. when I Look thr chandlestick chart I look if the chart is uptrend and the trend will be offer. the chandlestick will show you the pattern. just with 3 chandles you can sell or buy before your indicator tell. if you want to use the strategy, you must understand and save in your memory some of pattern. download the chandlestick e-book in the e-book download zone. enjoy....... All of trading strategy will make profit if you are dicipline to use the strategy, because decipline is a key to be a succses. 4. VOLATILE STRATEGY This strategy was not use tehnical analysis but use fundamental analysis only. this strategy only uses if news come, which that news can be do to market moving (fundamental announcements). news have 2 prospeck good news, and bad news. but that news was given to you become 1, good news. the first step is you must read the news from currency taht you want to trade. for example usd country America, you must read an America news. bloomberg, forex factory, and other are a website which given to you some news (forex calendar/routine news) that day. but you must to understand that news, bad news or good news to it currence. for the function of same news to the market moved, you can download at this site in the download zone. but the little keys are : 1. Interset Rate 2. Unemployment Reports 3. Fed speaking 4. Consumer Price Index (CPI) 5. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 6. Money Supply 7. Treasury Budget 8. Producer Price Index (PPI) 9. Retail Sales 10. Internatonal Trade

Download arena

1. Damodaran_Investing_-_Chap_1_to_10.rar
2. The.New.Reality.Of.Wall.Street.eBook-LiB.rar
3. OptionsTrader0106.rar
4. profit_with_options.rar
5. The_First_Time_Investor_s_Workbook.rar
6. All about Marketiva
7. Marketiva Trading
8. Forex tutorial
9. tutorial Software trading Marketiva (Novativa streamster)
10. Intro to forex
11. Come to my trading room by alexander
12. The dicipline trader make profit
13. Chandelstick chart technique
14. Trading in the zone
15. Trend Following by Michael Covel
16. Fibonacci Methods
17. Forex surfing
18. Chandlestic pattern
19. Strategy of forex
20. Chart analysis indicator
21. Swing trading system
22. elliot wave basic
23. MACD basic strategy
24. Pivot point
25. breakout trading strategy
26. 10 strategy for you in forex market

27. Mini strategy in the forex
28. Forex profit principles by bill

please tell me what e-books link was dead, I am very sorry for the dead link, because the server ware deleted the books link
But don't worry I will search again for you. please wait

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29. Data ekonomi dengan pengaruhnya terhadap pergerakan mata uang

















46. (top download)

47. (top download)



50. (top downlaod)




takken from indofx forum (bahasa Indonesia)

54. Manajemen Resiko-Psikologi

55. Analisa

56. Standar Indikator-Time



WAW coyz E-book ADDED AGAin



















77. ( TOP AGAIN)





















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97.!New/Fibonacci%20Analysis/High%20Probability%20Fibonacci%20Analysis.pdf (TOP DOWNLOAD)


99.!New/Big%20Profit%20Patterns%20Using%20Candlestick%20Signals%20And%20Gaps%20-%20Stephen%20W%20%20Bigalow.pdf (TOP DOWNLOAD)


some e-book will be added... be patiente soon

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1 Fibonacii retracment calculator

2. Pivot point calculator

Some forex tool will be update soon!!!!! by Isnaini.Com